Sunday Stamps 016: Stamps from Moldova

These stamps came from my first and only postcard from Moldova courtesy of my Moldovan colleague who is based in Chișinău:

Neat cancellation marks.

From the Poşta Moldovei, on the right side is a 2009 commemorative issue on the 60th anniversary of the Council of Europe; while on the right is a definitive stamp (one of the six) in a set issued in February this year featuring Moldova's protected historical buildings. On it is the Gimnaziul de fete 1916, or. Soroca or the Gymnasium for Girls, 1916 (here's the complete set here).


Marcie said...

Thanks for sharing, I have never seen stamps from Moldova before!

Lisa B said...

stamps from Moldova are new to me too, thanks for showing them.

Dorincard said...

Nice! See more info, not stamps, about Moldova:

Postcardy said...

I'll have to look up Moldova--I don't even know where it is.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Moldova is certainly one of the hard to get countries!

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