My Stamp Menagerie -- a stamp collector's blog

Hello and welcome to My Stamp Menagerie.
This is to accompany my main blog, Postcards Crossing, where I feature the postcards I receive. I normally include the stamps in my postcard blog but, after much thought, I decided to create a separate blog for stamps to give them the attention they so deserve and also to include the stamps used in the letters and parcels that were sent to me.

I have already featured some stamps in the other blog, so please, don't be surprised if you see it here again. I am merely giving these stamps a new home where they are the main attraction.

I am also open to swap stamps, covers and FDCs, and bank notes so please drop me a line or two should you like to make some arrangements with me. I, however, reserve the right to decline some requests whenever I see necessary. 

This blog is still a work in progress, there's still much to be done so please come back from time to time to see what's changed and what's new.

See you!