Sunday Stamps 026: Pheepoy, the lovable PhilPost mascot


I'm making up this week for the missed theme two weeks ago. I think I stretched the theme (streetcars/public transport) a teeny-bit once again. I hope I don't get in trouble with Viridian, the host of Sunday Stamps :) Here it is:

Friends, meet Pheepoy, the lovable mascot of the Philippine Postal Corporation.
I love Pheepoy the mascot, he is cute! Don't you? Here he's seen with the mail track. Other 2010 issues with Pheepoy on them include (refer to the photo below):

Souvenir Sheets of Four
Souvenir Sheets of Four
7p Pheepoy Delivering Mail on foot
7p Pheepoy with Philpost in the Background
7p Pheepoy in Motorcycle
7p Pheepoy with Mail Track

Photo Source:
Postmaster General Hector R.R. Villanueva said that Pheepoy personifies an honest and dedicated postman, whose primary goal is to deliver the mails rain or shine anywhere in the country and around the world, to the satisfaction of the mailing public.

“The mascot is also a way of reaching out to kids and families that letter writing is the best tool to communicate and interact in the light of modern technology,” Villanueva added.

Representing the more than 13,000 postal employees in the country, “Pheepoy,” personifies an honest, ever dependable and dedicated postmen. His outgoing spirit, high energy and passion also represent the ideal qualities of every PhilPost employee.

Kids (and kids at heart) can visit to check Pheepoy’s character profiles and activities. -


Bob Scotney said...

In these days when most of our post is bills and junk mail it's good to see someone encouraging communication by writing.

Joy said...

Yes I'd like him to deliver my mail. What a great idea, and sentiment from the postmaster. Hurray for those who deliver our post.

Postcardy said...

I especially like stamps with postal themes. We need a mascot like that here.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Pheepoy is so cute!

VioletSky said...

it is always nice to see someone happy at their work!

viridian said...

He is cute! And of course it is Ok to stretch themes - quite far if you want :-)
thank you for joining in.

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