Sunday Stamps 008: Postal workers on Croatian stamps


Do you know of any country in the world whose postal service office offer its employees a day of fun, fitness and camaraderie?

Well, think no more.

This stamp will tell you the answer:
Postal workers on Croatian stamp

A stamp issued in 2008 depicting the POŠTANSKI ŠPORTSKI SUSRETI. I love the dominant yellow colour here – it strikes the eye right away. And the black stick figures of postal workers (I initially thought they look like ants, please excuse me) and the other red details contrast each other, together, they stand out against the yellow background.

Every year, since its beginning in 2000, the Croatian Post hosts its Sports Meeting of its postal employees across the country That means not only the one working inside the post office but also the postal men and women who tirelessly deliver mails every day without fail.

This important and fun event gathers all postal workers across Croatia, an initiative to bring forth camaraderie among the employees by engaging in exciting activities which included games, both individual and team, as well as other activities (read: parteeh!) that allow the employees to socialise and develop camaraderie. Games include bowling, tabletennis, football, basketball, chess, race walking, darts, among others.

Like a true sports event, medals and cups are awarded to winners in individual and team events, respectively. A special cup called “Fair Play Cup” is also also awarded to the postal centre that displays greatest enthusiasm in socialising (the most friendly, in other words) cheering (perhaps the loudest cheerers), and best sportsmanlike behaviour.

I think a day each year for this fun event is a great idea.Postal employees get a time off from work, to meet their co-workers from across the country, share good memories and passion, develop closer bonds that will help strengthen their service further.

Thank you, Tomi, my friend, for this beautiful stamp.

More info on this stamp at Croatian Post site.


Lisa B said...

The yellow is a great background colour for these stickmen, but the activity they are involved in does look at bit dangerous :)

Postcardy said...

They must be "worker ants." I wonder whether that interpretation was intended.

viridian said...

Oh my, they looked like ant figures to me too.
beyond that, what a great idea, these games.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

It's an excellent idea to encourage the postal workers like this. Strangely, just yesterday I was thinking that you don't see yellow stamps very often.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I always like the idea of giving a day for every worker a chance to really meet each other, not only as a co-worker but as a long lasting friend. said...

Great stamp - great event! Were there other stamps celebrating this event? The yellow is nicely striking.

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