Sunday Stamps 005: Thanksgiving day parade


In 2009, the USPS issued four commemorative stamps featuring the iconic scenes of one of the merriest holiday celebrations in the US… the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Out of the four se-tenant stamps on a strip, I only have two:


Here is the complete strip for your reference:


Some of the scenes of this happy celebration are depicted on the strip above: a lively marching band, large inflated balloons of favourite animals and popular pop culture characters, and crowds of delighted onlookers. (Source)

I have never been to the US yet to witness this extravagant affair but I am a great admirer of parades and floats. Having said that, I think the stamp design is fantastic as it perfectly captures the rich and colourful Thanksgiving Day Parade (at least, the one I often see on TV)and it gives us a bit of a glimpse of the American culture.

The stamp, designed by Paul Rogers, based the stamp design on advertising and poster art from the mid-century. He then used the digital medium and techniques to create this very colourful images on stamps. Fantastic!


Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Fun and colourful stamps - poor old turkey though. :) They make a fantastic scene all together but even singly they are lovely.

Postcardy said...

I like Thanksgiving stuff, and I like the design, but I prefer stamps that look like stamps.

Postcard Perfect said...

You are right, it is one of the most colorful event in US and I never get tired of watching it every year.

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Lisa B said...

A very cheerful design, it's lovely.

Joy said...

What a fun design, very celebratory stamps. Nobody is going to mess with a turkey that size.

Dorincard said...

Pretty crowded crowd...:)

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