Sunday Stamps 003: Die Blüten von Österreich


I chose these beautiful flower stamps from Österreich for this week’s Sunday Stamps.

Both stamps above are standard issues. The one on the left features the Christmas rose, named such because it blooms in Austria as early as Christmas, but usually between January to April.

The stamp on the right shows the Guelder rose. It got its German name, schneeball, meaning snowball, because its blossoms resemble snowballs. It doesn’t show much in the scan but it does look like a snowball.Sometimes, it is also called as Herzbeer (Heart berry) for its heart-shaped seeds.The fruit is spherical and red when ripe, but poisonous when raw. (Austrian Post)


Ann said...

Very pretty flower stamps--very interesting info on them.

Marcie said...

I did not know the info on the snowball before, even though these are stamps from my country. These were our definitives until they increased the postage this May. Now we have ugly self adhesive stamps featuring architecture.

Postcardy said...

The plant with the "snowball" and heart-shaped seeds sounds interesting.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I know the Christmas Rose because we have that too, but the Guelder rose I thought was new to me. It turns out I know it as Viburnum. I do love flower stamps.

viridian said...

Viburum? we have a plant of that name here (in my front yard!) with a wonderful scent but not with berries. Thanks for participating!

Joy said...

I like flower stamps and so interesting to know the names different countries call them.

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